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Winter is coming Winter is coming

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New World Order New World Order

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Not a conspiracy

I wouldn't call the false left/right dichotomy a conspiracy theory. It's pretty blatant. The NWO, BG, and Bilderberg stuff probably doesn't help us get taken seriously though, and seems more about the use of buzzwords and emotionalism. Of course leaders and powerful business people meet; it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. Everything else is based too much on speculation. I think a lot of good ideas get ruined because they get lumped together with ideas that only trolls could dream up, like the 9/11 airplanes being holograms or government leaders being replaced by extraterrestrials. Not all 9/11 truthers, for example, believe in the crazy stuff, yet they all get lumped together ruining even the good sane points the movement has.

Either way, I hope your picture gets people thinking. You posted a YouTube video in reply to someone else, which is 10 minutes describing our Republic, starting with the Franklin quote, and I often point others to that same video myself. It's a favorite and must see, without going off track on conspiracy stuff. Glad you like that video too. Ever think of making wallpaper sized stuff?

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